ZWX story

ZWX is an alien and he lives on the α-hermit crab planet with his parents, proud of its latest invention that won him a medal in the science competition at school: an amplifier capable to receiving all channels of the universe, called "galactic digital".
Doing zapping between billions of channels, ZWX becomes a terrestrial TV programs fan, but soon he discovers a terrible news: the planet Earth is in danger!

Melting glaciers, rampant pollution, deforestation and so are likely to cripple humanity, animals and, above all, to end television broadcasters. What will be of dramas, variety shows, quizzes?

ZWX gets on his space scooter and come to Earth to fix things and get back to enjoying his favourite programs. He wears some terrestrial clothes (in a very funny way, indeed) and starts to help our planet. But the story is not so plain...


The game: how to play

The game is a point-and-click adventure, it is disposable with subtitles in english and in italian.

It is possible to play on-line or download the whole game.

The website is disposable only in italian, support or information in english can be asked via e-mail at the address