The advantages of playing ZWX

This game aims to encourage players to pay attention to the world we live in and to take care of it. It is easy to just disregard all of the worries that some people have about the state of the natural world, but the hope of this game is that after playing it, people will begin to realise that they can actually do something to help in real life.

In order to make it easily accessible, ZWX can be played online. So if you have been playing on and are trying to think about something else to do next, then stay online and take part in this great ecological adventure. To play the game, it is best to have a computer with an ADSL connection, then off you go.

The idea that a game can influence the way people think about the world is an interesting one. If someone plays a game for a couple of hours, then they have usually been completely immersed in it and it will have made an impact on their consciousness. This game raises issues about conservation and the ways in which we can help the environment, so these issues are likely to be in the mind of the player even when they have finished playing the game.

Then, when the person goes to throw away some milk bottles, or some cardboard, the idea of recycling is more likely to enter their mind than if they had not played the game. It highlights the fact that we are all able to do something to help the Earth and by putting it in an entertaining package, there is a high chance that the message will get through.

The colours in ZWX are nice and vibrant and the character of the alien is really cute. This game offers adventure and entertainment in a classic "point-and-click" format and is a great way to learn, while also having fun.